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There are few tasks as rewarding as choosing the perfect gift. Gifting to special people is our way of expressing admiration, respect, love, or sometimes disdain for the recipient. We invest careful consideration, weighing each selection before we make our decision. The process doesn’t stop there. The holiday wrap must have significance and coordinate with trims, bows, and name tags. We cut the wrapping paper, trimming it with precision, tucking edges, and folding precise corners to create a visual masterpiece. If we succeed in our goal, discovering the treasure inside is an event to be remembered.

There is a great joy in watching a beloved family member unwrap a festive package decked with sparkling decorations. The box’s mysterious contents pique their curiosity. Some take forever dissecting tape and unraveling ribbons. Others can’t stand the suspense, and they rip, tug, and tear until the item lays in their hands. Surprises, delight, joyous squeals, and heartfelt gratitude are the payoff for the giver of fabulous presents. When we consider the emotion we long to convey, we discover selecting an ideal present is rarely contingent on the monetary value. The best gifts often require investing time rather than spending money.

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