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I find holiday shopping and gift-giving overrated. In truth, the gift-receiving is the real letdown for me. Wrapped in each box I present are hours of creating lists, researching, stealthy reconnaissance, and nail-biting decision making. Then comes the browsing, buying, and tracking delivery dates. Presentation wrapping reaches another level of anxiety. The goal is to bring pure delight to my friends and family. It is a stressful process, and it can lead to disappointment when you received underwhelming presents.

But it does not dampen my love of the season. The best activity is driving through the neighborhood, looking at my neighbor’s brilliant displays. My leisurely cruises are a favorite pastime. A couple of streets away, the homeowners deck every house with lights. I detour to enjoy the show every chance I get. This year I expanded my evening excursion and discovered a home with a choreographed display. We can even listen to the music on a station on the car’s radio. It is an elaborate event with three nightly shows and free admission.

Watching twinkling lights, listening to carols, and spending time with loved ones is a genuine holiday treasure. All we need now is snow.

What non-traditional holiday traditions do you observe?


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