Failed Attempt at Moderation Fixed by A Brisk Boxing Day Walk — Daily Quote


Holiday fare is one of the most anticipated aspects of Christmas. It is also detrimental to my waistline. So, I adopt a mandate of restrained indulgence. These are the dishes I prepare at no other time of the year, and I don’t want to miss a single delectable mouthful. If only I could stop at just one mouthful. But how can I resist these once-a-year goodies?

Taking an extended walk is a fabulous tactic for burning those unavoidable calories. Fresh air is invigorating, and it lifts the food-coma hangover from my body. If we are lucky, the temperature will approach freezing with crystal clear skies. Bundling in layers and wrapping a scarf across my face to defend against bitter cold is mandatory, and I get lost in the euphoria.

My meandering takes me further from home than I realized. Blue skies smile, and the quest for what lies around the next corner, or past the horizon’s edge beacons. But I must turn back, leaving untold discoveries for another adventure. They promise to wait for my return.

How will you spend your Boxing Day?


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2 thoughts on “Failed Attempt at Moderation Fixed by A Brisk Boxing Day Walk — Daily Quote

  1. Taking a walk sounds grand. And I know for you walking will (always) be a thoughtful experience.

    I will visit with friends today whom I couldn’t visit with yesterday.

    I hope you’re having a pleasant holiday.

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