The Best Secret Society Brilliant Minds Create – Daily Quote


It is a secretive club. The members rarely advertise their affiliation in public. They recognize their peers when they meet, and something passes between them, a nod, a smile, a bond. We are people who read. Research seems to support the conclusion that brilliant individuals, the ones who affect the world, read. They expose their minds to diverse subjects, and submerge themselves deep into a topic, knowing the exercise will propel them to higher standards of personal and professional excellence.

When avid readers meet, their conversations move with ease, covering their preferred genres, recent reads, classics, excellent reads, transformative books, and the hallowed ground of life-changing tomes. Details aren’t necessary. We know the feeling of reading a story that alters our chemistry, transforming us from the inside out. Words lift our mood by confirming we are not alone. Memorable characters have lofty aspirations and impossible dreams. They struggle to do the right thing and become better humans.

Good books are mirrors reflecting our inner truths and revealing the pathways which connect our past and present to our hopes for a brighter future. As we turn the pages, we laugh, cry, tremble in fear, and rejoiced in the protagonists’ victories. We increase our intelligence, develop our brains, improve our imagination, and boost levels of concentration and focus. If we are lucky, exposure to knowledge changes not just our life, but the lives of those around us.

What is on your reading list?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “The Best Secret Society Brilliant Minds Create – Daily Quote

  1. Young-adult fiction, poetry collections, and the occasional book about spirituality. Peppered with mystery novels for adults. Looks like an unambitious list. But I’ve been thinking lately about what I like to read and what gets me reading, and those are it. Maybe not meriting membership in the club. I hope you are enjoying some happy reading in the new year.

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    • Of course you are a member. You read what speaks to you, and that makes your list worthy. We never know where we will find inspiration, so it pays to leave no stone unturned.

      Working on this year’s reading list is next weeks project for me. Mostly because I am still finishing last year’s 😄 Happy reading Christopher. 💕💗💕

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  2. Audiobooks are the thing for me. Mostly nonfiction these days. I’ve become a big fan of The Great Courses, which are now on audible and often on sale. Currently working my way through “Pagan Religions” and “Barbarian Empires of the Steppes.” Great historical fodder for fantasy writers.

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    • Oooo, those do sound interesting. I have issues with audiobooks as they don’t seem to hold my attention. For some reason I discover many moments have elapsed, and I have no idea what the voice in my ears is droning on about. 😄 Thank goodness for rewind. 👍

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  3. I read mostly fiction, but I do love true stories too. I really like historical fiction. Right now I am almost finished with the Tattoist of Aushwitz, Very good! Wings I recently read as well and would highly recommend. Wings took place in slavery times. Follows the story of a southern girl who at a young age decided she hated slavery, though her parents owned slaves. She was given a slave of her own when she was 11 years old. She grew up to be the first woman abolitionist!

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