Adjust Your Monday Mindset, Get Up, Stop Stalling, Get A Move On — Daily Quote


If I’m being honest, I don’t understand the love/hate titles assigned to Friday afternoon and Monday mornings. Sure, I look forward to certain weekend activities, eager for the experience, but I find a brand spanking new week equally thrilling. Many individuals slip into a depression on Sunday, dreading the next morning’s alarm. Maybe they only require a slight shift in thinking.

Researchers tell us a part of our brain seeks pleasure. What gets lost in translation is, you activate that section when you expect pleasure, not the actual pleasure itself. We can leverage this. It needn’t be an extravagance, overly complicated, or time-consuming. Queuing your prized playlist, wearing a favorite shirt, or planning lunch with a friend, may create sufficient excitement for your pleasure-seeking brain.

There are standard recommendations about getting enough sleep, creating a plan, and preparing specific tasks over the weekend. Consider starting your day early, avoiding those who complain about Monday, or catching ten minutes of something motivational, like a podcast or a video. See Monday like a fresh opportunity. Listen to your inner voice telling you, “Get up. Stop stalling. Get a move on. What’s taking you so long?”

How will you start your Monday?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer