Let Your Bold Determination and Hard Work Defeat Chaos – Daily Quote


So far this year, I have struggled to locate my desk and fought for time to write. The universe laughs at my measly plans and throws one obstacle after another at me to test my resolve. But those challenges won’t deter me, and I will keep my dreams alive. I discover precious minutes lumped in tiny pockets, a random chair, and realized my writing session is now.

Balancing my laptop on my knees or using the notes app on my phone, I ignore distractions and set work. My surroundings fade from my field of vision, I concentrate on my screen, and I hear the story in my head and hurry to transcribe every word. I work frantically until my window of opportunity expires.

Waiting for my muse to arrive proves to be a luxury I can’t afford, yet I still create inspiration from the chaos raging around me. I scrape together fragments of discipline and compose despite the circumstances. It does not matter if my writing is good. I have done my best to meet my daily obligation and the promise I made to myself.

How do you overcome your writing obstacles?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

3 thoughts on “Let Your Bold Determination and Hard Work Defeat Chaos – Daily Quote

  1. A while ago, I stopped writing and posting for a few months because of new pain I was experiencing that I couldn’t manage. It had to be diagnosed and treated, best as possible. I resumed writing (and posting) again, though I wrote ahead of my expectations. I could have waited for a plan to formulate regarding how to reintroduce myself to everything. But I simply started writing.

    I’m glad you can write despite or around or against distractions. Sometimes we merely keep at it, don’t we?

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    • I noticed you were MIA, but thought it might be holiday related. I am sorry to discover you were not feeling well, but I am so happy you are back. I find moving back into a habit I once held takes different routes. Some are easy to pick up and carry on as if nothing happened, while others take much more effort.

      In the end you are correct – the best way to succeed is to keep going. 😄👍

      I am counting on you, Christopher. 💗

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