Release Your Anger and Stress in Favor of A Brighter Day – Daily Quote


Being an introvert, I am predisposed. I don’t really enjoy interacting with people. It ranks as one of my least favorite activities and generates never-wracking, exhausting, annoying, and stress-inducing feelings. Humans are fallible, error-prone, imperfect beings. We make mistakes, experience lapses in judgment, and space out when we should be concentrating. That leaves ample opportunities to offend others because of our bone-headed moves. When we increase our number of daily interactions, we multiply the odds of someone making us angry.

It would be easy to obsess over their ineptitudes, rage against their thoughtless behaviors, hold grudges, and look for ways to get even. But that requires vast amounts of emotional energy. It is precious energy I could use in more productive endeavors. The choice is mine, and I choose to let those feelings wash over me, pass through me, and I release them. I take a deep breath, gather the pieces of stress and anger into a ball, and on my exhale, I push the goopy, ugly mess out of my body. With the next inhale, I imagine every wonderful and positive trait I want in my life. With the negative vibes gone, I concentrate on directing my energy to more important things.

How do you start your day?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “Release Your Anger and Stress in Favor of A Brighter Day – Daily Quote

  1. You’re right, it’s “precious energy” we have; and we should marshal it in the manner you prescribe, pushing out the oozy mess in an exhalation.

    I start my day trying to look forward to coffee and toast and writing. Hoping that I’m not too tired. I also start by thinking about whatever I think about, invariably making mistakes (making a mess while pouring water, pushing a wet spoon into the sugar bowl) because I’ve distracted myself. Becoming one of those persons who could be scorned by others, I suppose. But I like to think, and generally I consider mistakes made by others or myself as mistakes, not sins. Of course, there are times when I fail at everything, such as trying to keep the good in mind.

    I hope you have a safe and pleasant weekend.

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    • I always start my day looking forward to coffee. 😊☕👍

      Unfortunately, writing time comes much later in the day, normally right before I head off to bed. I am trying to alter my schedule, but that may take a few more weeks to accomplish.

      We really must stop thinking and labeling mistakes as sins or reasons to vilify others. Making mistakes is how we learn and process new information. I don’t know many parents who would chastise a toddler who falls. Instead, we expect them to bandage scraped knees, brush away tears and encourage the child to try again. Grace, understanding, forgiveness are qualities we need to embrace.

      I wish you a wonderful weekend with plenty of writing time.

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