Defy Reason, Recognize Your Fear, and Choose Laugher to Light Your Day – Daily Quote


I don’t remember adding stress, frustration, and exhaustion to this week’s schedule, but they arrived anyway. We should be accustomed to the unexpected events by now, desensitized to surprises, immune to feeling. But they design roller coasters to elicit intense reactions, and those feelings can’t be suppressed — they must be recognized, felt, and expressed. The biggest attraction at any amusement park runs on big, scary, height-defying, G-Force inducing tracks. You know, the one it is impossible to miss. It draws everyone’s attention from the screams, hoots and hollers, and the laughter. They say you can board, white knuckle the safety bar, and wail in terror, or you can enjoy the ride.

I recognize the feelings and search for ways to express them. Sometimes, I work them out with bouts of cleaning, long walks or deep breathing, and yoga. Some situations demand I sing. It will be out of tune when I confidently belt out words at the top of my lungs, despite having forgotten everything except the chorus. On the days when I feel like crying, I dig deeper, find a fresh perspective, and I laugh.

Have you laughed today?


Keep on writing.

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11 thoughts on “Defy Reason, Recognize Your Fear, and Choose Laugher to Light Your Day – Daily Quote

  1. I’m sorry it seems as if you had a hard week. We can cry. We can laugh. Either can be reasonable, I’m sure. When laughter is healthy, it’s grand, isn’t it? I even appreciate the advice from Thomas More and Martin Luther that, in effect, the devil can’t stand to be laughed at. I hope you’re recouping over the weekend.


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