The Art of Doing Nothing – Daily Quote


Occasionally, you need to sit, put your feet up, pat yourself on the back, and offer yourself hearty congratulations on a job well done. Your time has arrived to acknowledge your achievements, appreciate the hurdles you have overcome, the milestones you hit, and say to yourself, “Damn, see what I did.” They have taught us not to express overt pride in our work. Best to appear humble, right? But is that the best strategy? What is wrong with a pure delight, a springing pep in your step, pumping your ego, and boosting your self-confidence when you have completed something you weren’t sure you could do?

Life is short. Do the unexpected. Pour a glass of champagne, draw a warm soaking bath, and luxuriate in the decadence of doing nothing. When you take a timeout, stop being hyper-productive, engaged, on task, and busy, what you notice might surprise you. Now that you are alone with your thoughts, where does your mind transport you? Perhaps you observe a cardinal outside your window, the color of the sky, the sweet-smelling air, or the breeze touching your skin. Do your loved ones appear in a fresh light? Does your perspective shift?

The calm moments carved from overbooked schedules for nothing, reveal massive amounts of information. They fuel my passion, set my next course of action, provide clarity that often gets lost in the daily onslaught of perpetual motion and endless opinions. I let the universe find me instead of striving for a slice of success, and generally, I discover my reward.

How will you spend your Sunday?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “The Art of Doing Nothing – Daily Quote

  1. The image of the cat certainly sets the tone of the post. Then the quotation. The details you offer, having champagne and such, then apply reality to the concept and advice. Terrific way to spend a Sunday or anytime that calm breaks in.

    I have spent this Sunday working on the blog. There’s too much I do without knowing what I’m doing. But I’m going to try to take it in measures. Keep writing but learn something about blogging now and then.

    I hope your readiness for the new week is sharpened through relaxation.

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    • I am so happy you enjoyed the post, Christopher. Sometimes I feel like I am writing in incoherent circles.

      When in comes to blogging I take it as it comes. We are all searching for a way forward, I think. Wishing you a productive week with plenty of time to write. 👍💗

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