The Sneaky Power of Your Small, Persistent Determination – Daily Quote


In my periphery, just outside my window, something floated and swirled while I focused, concentrating on my screen. It moved again. Annoyed by the unexpected distraction, I glanced from my document to a scene grounded in reality and not the fantasy in my head. Small and white, barely visible against the backdrop of last week’s accumulation, snow flurries drifted. They appeared as almost imperceptible bits of fluff, but a few tiny dancing snowflakes never amount to anything. I dismissed them and returned to my task. Several hours later, I discovered a very different world. Those insignificant flakes were unrelenting in their objective to cover every bit of previously plowed, shoveled, scraped, and cleared surface. My weather app confirmed total snowfall of one to two inches.

The never-ending house remodeling project creeps along at a snail’s pace. I face the constant challenge of delayed components, contractor’s schedules, back-ordered items, and extended lead times because of the pandemic. Progress seems glacial. Yesterday a friend stopped by, and she expressed complete amazement with the improvements and the number of projects completed since the last time she was here.

I am not a patient person. I enjoy digging in, getting work done, and reveling in the finished piece for a hot minute before moving to the next item on my list. To say my daily recorded word counts have been disappointing would be a gross understatement. I have much bigger goals in mind. Three to four hundred words a day sounds paltry when you compare them to the thousands some authors claim to write. But those two previous incidents made me curious, and when I checked my spreadsheet, I discovered a total of 8,000 written words so far this year. If I maintain this rate, I will log 150,000 words by year’s end.

What small steps, taken today, will accumulate and change your world?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “The Sneaky Power of Your Small, Persistent Determination – Daily Quote

  1. The headline is fun as well as meaningful–“sneaky power.” For all the unfinished work thanks to the pandemic, you must be so frustrated with a get-it-done attitude. Not that I disagree, as I look at work around me (literally) that someone else has to do.

    I do the smallest things that might indicate progress. I keep writing, working through images. I try to respond civilly to others’ posts. I don’t think (I hope not) that civility is the problem as much as having the energy to read and respond nearly as much as I’d like. But I keep going. It seems that keeping going is what I got to use.

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    • You got the right word – Frustration. I push and prod and schedule and plan, to watch it all get derailed by some minor, unforeseen snafu. So we regroup and do it all over again. 😄 It is part of the reason I keep scheduling my writing time, because as soon as I sit down to write – something happens that needs my input. Just keep going. Keep writing, my friend. Everything will work out in the end. 👍💗🙏

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