Chores, Smelly Jobs, Winter Blues, and Housework Disguised as Your Staycation Fun – Daily Quote


Our lovely cruise director greeted us our first morning with promises of a fun-filled game day. My staycation participants are always ready for excitement and competition, especially when prizes hang in the balance. I admit I saw through her manipulative words, but I smiled and played along. The object was to gather dirty items that needed cleaning and place them in baskets. She conveniently had an attractive assortment, and everyone got to choose their treasure chest. The winner would be the one who collected the most.

The results were smelly, and some were very unexpected. Filthy socks, stale underwear, and sheets wadded into a tight ball found their way into the collection bins. The oddest Item was a greasy, dusty pizza box with a long-forgotten table knife clattering around inside. I didn’t dare ask questions since I was sure the backstory would make me queasy. We crowned our champion King of Clean and permitted him to watch his favorite movie while we losers sorted piles into the washing machine and the dishwasher.

Right on cue, we heard the announcement that snow had started falling in our neighborhood, accompanied by freezing temperatures and wind gusts to 40 miles per hour. Our tropical paradise registered a balmy 72 degrees, and we settled in for a special shrimp cocktail appetizer. It was not a bad Monday, after all.

How was your Monday?


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8 thoughts on “Chores, Smelly Jobs, Winter Blues, and Housework Disguised as Your Staycation Fun – Daily Quote

  1. Are there small umbrellas?

    Monday was uneventful, somewhat stressful since I was anticipating a doctor’s appointment today (Tuesday). The appointment went fine except I was hoping to learn something about COVID vaccines and only learned that the practice won’t have any of them there. Sigh.

    I hope the cruise continues constructively, if it’s supposed to, and happily.

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