Don’t Be A Chicken, Defy Your Critics, and Prove Them Wrong — Daily Quote


I admit it. I was born stubborn, pig-headed, and maybe a touch rebellious. Like Marty in the “Back to the Future” movies, the easiest method of goading me into action is to call me a chicken. You have seen the films, haven’t you? Whenever someone calls Marty chicken, it sets off alarm bells in his brain and forces him to do crazy unexpected things. Doc Brown and Jennifer try to warn him of the dangers, but Marty is a man on a mission, and he won’t let anyone dissuade him.

Throughout the trilogy, the ensuring response is spectacular, and whether by dumb luck or perhaps a peek of the courage buried within Marty’s character, everything works out better than expected. Every tool in the arsenal is only helpful when used with intention, and in “Back to the Future Part II” we discover Old Marty has paid a hefty price for not thinking through the consequences of his actions.

Proving people wrong is a driving motivational force when you channeled in the right directions. So, you’ve always wanted to be a writer, an artist, an Olympic ski-jumper, or an oceanographer, and your friends and family laugh at your deepest desires and tell you, you can’t. Dig deep, channel your inner Marty McFly, and dare to act. Who are they to say your dreams are unattainable, silly, or risky?

If there is an ember glowing in your soul that creates a burning desire, don’t allow them to extinguish your spark. Imagine yourself in the winner’s circle, be realistic about the hurdles, obstacles, and objections you must overcome, and decide that this is what you want. Do it despite your critics, the overwhelming odds, and the possibility of failure. Embrace your dream, soar like an eagle, and prove them wrong.

What spurs you to action?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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