Never Surrender, Create a New Battle Plan, and Write Your Story — Daily Quote


Lately, external forces conspire to manage my life. Other people’s agendas supersede my plans, snarled traffic, and miss communications slow my progress. Malfunctioning appliances waste precious time, and projects budgeted for five or ten minutes end up consuming my entire day. I wonder if I am fighting a losing battle. I seem to confront a brick wall, no matter which way I turn. I could continue to bang my head against that dense and immovable obstacle, or I can search for the key that will allow me to break free.

Walking amid chaos is stressful, but trying to resolve what we cannot control often makes matters worse. As difficult as it might be, sometimes the best course of action is to circumvent our thought patterns and accept the current circumstance, then let it go. Giving up doesn’t mean we like, condone, or approve of the situation – it just means we realize there is no workable method for changing things today. Instead of engaging in losing battles, we may discover the better part of valor is in moving side, managing our perceptions, adjusting our outlook, and employing our sense of adventure.

Each morning a new day dawns with opportunities and choices. I opt to seek a fresh start and hope for a breakthrough. I place my faith in my ability to preserve. I concentrate on deliberate actions and creative ways to move me toward my goal.

How do you take back your time?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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