Risk Failure, Dare Greatly, Defy Mediocrity and Never Compromise Your Dreams – Daily Quote


It is easy to get discouraged. We make plans to improve our lives, transform our trajectory, and help others. The moment we set our intention to change, the universe takes notice. The cosmos believes it knows best, and everything is running fine. Who are we to step out of line and mess with perfection?

I am not interested in living with the status quo or setting incremental goals that only require marginal increases. Minor improvements allow the concept of failure to seep into our expectations when we are not looking. Thoughts like, “I’ve done this before,” or “this is a cake-walk.” invites us to take our foot from the gas pedal and let our eyes stray from the prize.

Overcoming pushback is crucial, requiring concentration and determination, regardless of the goal’s scope or complexity. Whatever the goal’s size, the stamina to overcome inertia is similar. Studies show challenging objectives correlate with greater expected satisfaction. Why waste the initial outlay of internal strength required to begin the journey on anything less than spectacular results? Whether I endeavor to move a mountain or a molehill, I must first gather the will to act.

With that in mind, I plan to beat the odds, surpass my perceived limitations, and dream big. I won’t be wasting my time and energy on modest intentions; I am reaching for the stars.

Have you set lofty goals?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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