Live Boldly, Dare Greatly, and Let Your Friday Adventures Begin — Daily Quote


Friday. This one feels different. Snow is melting, the sun is shining, temperatures slowly creep into the realm of warmth, and the prognosticators aren’t calling for any form of precipitation until Tuesday. Granted, forty-five degrees is a tad too nippy to sit outside and write, but maybe I can crack open a window for a while, breathe the cool, invigorating air, and imagine an adventure.

Will the Gods smile on our intrepid protagonist, or will the evil villain devise surprising pitfalls to thwart our favorite heroes and doom them to certain failure? A ship. There must be a creaky Schooner, captained by a despicable, dirty, cheating, low life, with a soft spot in his heart for the hapless adventurers and a sense of loyalty to his beloved cause that is deeper and wider than any ocean. No drama is worth telling without a trusty sidekick, whose buffoonish comments somehow always contain a kernel of truth or the key to escaping the current dire situation. Along the way, they encounter peasants, kings, and scoundrels to add color to their journey.

Their task is impossible. A fool’s errand destined to send the entire band to an early grave. Tests of character greet them at every turn and make them question their sanity. Maybe the prophecy is wrong, and our hero only believes she is the golden child, and saving the world belongs to someone more capable. In the hero’s darkest hour, Fate intervenes, golden-winged messengers deliver a swift kick in the pants that alters her perspective and renews her resolve to fight the final battle.

Ok, pep-talk to self, complete. It is time to find my desk, hang my Do Not Disturb sign, and work on creating storylines and developing my characters. With luck, I hope to devote many productive hours to brainstorming this weekend.

What stories will you create?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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