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Daylight Savings Time should be packaged with a Freebie Monday. I’m not a morning person, and even on an ordinary day, hauling my still sleeping body from my comfy warm bed is a Herculean task. Asking me to move an hour earlier, and trying to mislead me by stating the clock reads the same time, is just cruel. It turns out it may be bad for our health and our brains.

A recent article from UT Southwestern Medical Center states, “desynchronization of our body clocks has been linked to increased health risks such as depression, obesity, heart attack, cancer, and even car accidents. Changes in daily patterns can trigger stress in our brains and cause sleep deprivation, disorientation, and memory loss. It can also lead to difficulties with learning, social interactions, and overall cognitive function.”

I raise my hand and attest to feeling sleep-deprived and disoriented. I am laying my current difficulties in concentrating on my writing squarely on this silly and unnecessary mandate of changing the clocks. If they must subject us to the lunacy, I feel entitled to a Freebie Day off to ease my transition into the new schedule. Mother Nature is much kinder to humans, and she only adjusts daylight hours by a few minutes every day. She at least doesn’t want to shock our systems without a good cause. I think I need a nap.

How is your Monday?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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