Here’s to an Uneventful April Fool’s Day – Daily Quote

It's National Drink Wine Day! Just kidding. It's April Fool's Day. Let's Drink Wine Anyway. Anonymous

I’m not an April Fool’s Day fan. I’ve always considered it a bit cruel to play pranks on a person for the amusement of others. A harmless word twist or ingenious subterfuge can make me smile, but those are rare. The best example of a clever April Fool trickery was perpetrated in 1987 in Norway. They posted an announcement saying the government would distribute 10,000 liters of wine confiscated from smugglers. Hundreds of Norwegians turned up carrying empty bottles and buckets. I’m sure I would have been standing in that line, and I can imagine my extreme disappointment when I learned the entire report was a hoax.

It’s not nice to promise free wine and then not deliver. Was there a joke? If so, I missed it. ‘Tis a good thing I have a ready supply in my stocked cellar for such occasions. I think I will serve dinner with a suburb chianti. An enjoyable meal with friends, stimulating conversations, witty banter, and shared laughter is a much better way to mark the first full month of spring.

Do you enjoy pranks, or should I pass you a glass of wine?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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