Calling All Superheroes for an Unexpected Friday Adventure – Daily Quote

Certain Fridays have a greater significance than others, and this Friday calls for celebration. I can’t describe today’s importance. On the surface, nothing has changed, and yet, nothing is the same. Last night I worked late. Midnight arrived, and I didn’t stop. At 1 am. the world changed. Perhaps my perspective shifted, or the planets moved into more auspicious conjunctions, or maybe my long lost, single-minded, productivity-demanding muse whispered long-forgotten secrets in my ear.

It doesn’t matter who or what perpetrated the shift or why they chose today to finally flip the switch. I’m grinning like a fool, beyond excited, and I’m ready to double down on my goals, which yesterday seemed impossible to achieve. This morning I donned my superhero cape, tuned up my X-ray vision, and took my superhuman strength for a test drive. All systems are operating on pumped up, Give-her-all she’s-got-Scotty overdrive mode, and we are ready to roll. But what grand adventure doesn’t begin with a toast? My first order of business is selecting an excellent bottle of wine, and letting the wine escape and breathe. So here’s to cloudless blue skies, green lights, and honoring the unusual travel suggestions dictated by the gods. Happy Friday, everyone.

What makes your Friday special?


Keep on writing.

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