The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – April 15


It is appropriate that on hump day, I felt as if I reached the summit of an insignificant incline in otherwise flat terrain. On a typical week, I’m sure I wouldn’t have noticed it. Like a runner approaching the end of a grueling marathon, even a minor grade change can threaten to stop you in your tracks. This moment is the ultimate test. Their training, or lack thereof, will make them or break them. Did they learn to dig deep, find the last remnants of energy, determination, and raw nerve to finish the task they started?

I am spent. Yet I feel a certain satisfaction, and I rejoice when I realize I am on the downhill side of coasting toward the weekend. Plenty lies ahead for me to accomplish.  I foresee more challenges to meet and no shortages of uphill struggles to overcome. To the victor of even tiny wins goes the reward of a peaceful and sound night’s sleep.

No matter the challenges and the obstacles blocking my way, I maintain the item at the top of my list as a non-negotiable. Yesterday I wrote 424 words.

Did you write yesterday?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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