The Thankless Reward for Completing Your Work Early – Daily Quote


My first goal for Saturday morning is to forget to set my alarm clock. It is an insignificant gesture, but it often helps me shut down the workweek monster so I can remember why I am working so hard. There is life beyond the 9 to 5 and forty hours per week hustle.

It doesn’t always work since Saturday is the day I reserve for running errands, completing my weekly chores, tackling seasonal household projects, and scheduling time with family and friends. It’s a lot to pack into one day. I enjoy being busy, but on Saturday, I am the boss, and I get to make the rules, create my plan, and treat myself to some fun activities. Things like sleeping late, reading in bed, and blocking out time for a serious writing session top the list.

This week was a fire drill of activity as I attempted to catch up with the demands of daily life and make up for my two-week absence. In the resulting craziness, I have somehow overcompensated and worked ahead of schedule. Tasks that often fall to my weekend schedule this week are already done. The possibilities of a rare weekend without responsibilities, obligations, and demands stretch out before me. Freedom is mine. My muse is laughing at me and waving an enormous ream of paper under my nose. Maybe I won’t be the boss this weekend after all.

What is your favorite Saturday activity?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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