Longing to Return to Familiar Haunts, Friendly Faces, and the Inspiration of Coffee Time – Daily Quote

Friends bring happiness into your life. Best friends bring coffee. Anonymous

Through the entire pandemic, I have missed one thing—meeting friends for coffee. As an ardent introvert, social distancing and staying at home had little effect on my lifestyle. Honestly, I enjoyed the break from the obligations of holiday parties, meet and greets, and other mandatory social functions. But the abrupt halt to one-on-one time with my friends at our favorite coffee shop delivered a blow like an ice pick to my heart. There was also the adjustment that I could no longer settle into a comfy coffee shop chair with my laptop and write. I found the sounds of frothing milk and clinking cups provided wonderful background inspiration for a prolific writing session.

This week the weather turned pleasant. Some restrictions lifted, and we made our first tentative steps towards returning to a life we once took for granted. We didn’t sit inside. Instead, we enjoyed a pleasant catch-up session on the patio. Coffee, stimulating conversation, warm sunshine, and a gentle breeze lifted my spirits more than any Zoom call ever could. Making coffee at home and drinking it alone is a poor substitute for a barista’s practiced pour. It’s impossible to duplicate an atmosphere where the proximity of fellow patrons encourages you to eschew social media and work on your project. There is nothing like the ability of a half-heard conversation to deliver the precise word you need for a sentence. An observed gesture can perfectly describe your main character’s movement.

I’ve always appreciated the thoughtfulness of my friends when they surprise me with a dose of go-juice. That simple curtsy has become a treasure more valuable than gold, an event to be remembered, and proof of our best friend status.

What have you missed most?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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