Appreciating An Early Sunday Morning Workout in the Garden – Daily Quote


I have a favorite mug I reserve for Sunday mornings. The cup is a brilliant sunny yellow and has room for a substantial amount of coffee. While I’ve never measured, I suspect it holds more coffee than two of its dainty porcelain cousins. The walls are thick. They rate it safe for both the microwave and the dishwasher, and my coffee stays hot for hours. The handle fits my hand perfectly and keeps my fingers and knuckles far from the scalding contents, reducing the chances of unintentional burning and the potential of accidents.

My sturdy friend and I have been through countless Sundays of garden workouts. She doesn’t complain when I set her on a cement step, balance her on the edge of a raised bed, or wedge her into a spot between my gardening gloves and my trowel. I’ve misplaced her more times than I can count. But she stands out in green grass, muddy soil, and on the shelf with my garden gear.

There are hazards associated with drinking coffee outdoors. I’ve plucked stray leaves I noticed floating on my coffee’s surface. Her bright color attracts bees and wasps, though I doubt they enjoy coffee as much as I do. On more than a few occasions, I discovered dirt smudges on the rim. But there was still enough clean space to sip my brew.

Do you practice a Sunday ritual?


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13 thoughts on “Appreciating An Early Sunday Morning Workout in the Garden – Daily Quote

  1. My Sunday ritual has changed a little bit since retiring, but always includes a dog walk, some eggs for breakfast and a visit to the markets to get some fruit and vege and maybe a pretzel! Your coffee cup sounds very sturdy.

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  2. My family has not attended Church since the Pandemic began, so I jog the mile and a half to the 8:30am service by myself, confident that the mandated social distancing will keep me from offending anyone. The jog back is uphill, so I often walk part of it. My cereal and fruit taste so wonderful afterward. I just may continue the ritual even when masks are no longer required and my family returns to in person attendance.

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    • Geoff, there is something wonderful about getting outside and enjoying a walk or run. You are proof that something good can happen because of the pandemic. I hope you enjoy your breakfast. 💕☕💕


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