Stop Wasting Your Opportunities, Don’t Delay Another Minute, Change Your Life Today — Daily Quote


Why do we wait when we know we should act? What makes us hesitate when every fiber of our being screams for us to seize our dreams? Do we want to grieve time lost and ask ourselves “what if”? What if we dared, acted courageously, ignored fear and naysayers who undermined our enthusiasm? We can’t afford to accept other’s opinions and discount our belief in ourselves. We have today with no guarantees for tomorrow, next week, or years from now. Why should we compromise, settling for a path which forsakes our true vision?

We are creatures of habit, and we love predictability, structure, and routine. It can be difficult and stressful, but continuing along a route that does not honor our inherent integrity creates deep-seated anxiety. Personal transformations require conscious intention, trust in the reason and purpose for the alteration, and a viable reward for enduring the struggle. But change can also be a positive force. Transformation exhilarates us, producing dramatic shifts and relieving stress as we move toward creating a life that reflects our inner truth.

What are you waiting for?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Your Opportunities, Don’t Delay Another Minute, Change Your Life Today — Daily Quote

  1. I have tried several new things lately, most of which would really help us if I could get it right.
    Apparently, my brain is becoming a little old for most of the technical jargon I have been bombarding it with, so might have to compromise a fair bit…
    It would seem the time for waiting is over, at least for me…

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