The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – September 18

2021 Daily Writing Challenge Q2

I’ve been a horrible person. I haven’t been updating and sharing my writing result here with all of you. That’s because I’ve been distracted by, obsessed with, totally focused on the work required by my online course. This week, I finished all the modules, completed and submitted one massive assignment, and almost finished another ginormous homework task. I also filled an 80-page notebook with handwritten notes for the class lessons, read and took more notes on two reference books, drew multiple pictures of a fortress, and began creating a map for my story world.

This spurt of work happened because last week, I dared to create an ambitious writing goal. I didn’t hold myself back and set absurd expectations, colossal amounts of daily work, and an unreasonable deadline. I am close to being on schedule. Because I have burnt myself in the past with my over-zealous tendencies, I built in weekly catch-up days and time for relaxing. Once I deploy my built-in buffer, I will be exactly where I intended to be. I’m so excited.

Another To-Do List task is ordering and integrating a new keyboard into my system. The space bar on my laptop is sticking, which means I often have no spaces between my words as I type. Talk about a royal pain in the patootie. It is ok since my To-Do List has a task for me to rework my office setup. In my dream setup, I will have two big screens — ok, who am I kidding? I would love to have a big boy 49-inch curved screen monitor. When you’re dreaming, you might as well dream big. But for now, an ergonomic wireless keyboard (with a spacebar that doesn’t stick) would restore my typing speed into my normal 80 WPM range. If I hope to keep meeting my deadlines, I’m going to need it.

I always remember my number one writing priority. My core habits are strong, and writing a little every day is my secret weapon. Yesterday I wrote 0 countable words.

Did you write yesterday?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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