Slow Starts, Messy Beginnings, and A Year That Refuses to End — Daily Quote

Beginnings are always messy. John Galsworthy

I love the idea of new beginnings, starting at square one and a fresh start with a clean slate. Am I naïve when I imagine embarking on an exciting journey with goals is as simple and as easy as closing a door and walking through another? But reality never seems to work quite so neatly for me. Last year doesn’t want to leave me alone. The past is a tenacious mongrel who clamped his jaws on my pant leg, and he refuses to let go.

The celebration party has ended, but there is still work to do. I’m in charge of tying up loose ends, settling all the accounts, finalizing, liquidating, and closing up the shop. I’m the last person left, the one in charge of remembering to turn out the lights and lock the door. Overseeing procedures, training, and logistics is also my job. I’m in charge of ensuring the crew knows their objectives and has the tools they need to start strong. I’ve been running since October, living with one foot in the past and my head in the future. It’s a delicate balancing act.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can shake the last vestiges of last year from my life. He will get tired eventually. He always does, and then I can start this year.

Are you living with a messy beginning?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Slow Starts, Messy Beginnings, and A Year That Refuses to End — Daily Quote

  1. I keep a pretty neat desk/ writing space. But these first few days finds my writing room in turmoil. There are two planners open on my desk- last year and this new one that is still a blank slate. I bounce back and forth between files… trying to close last year’s Commonplace Book and begin a new one. January is the settling down month…

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    • I feel your pain Nancy. I have five planners on my desk. 😮 Insane, right? Hopefully, two of last year’s planners will be shelved this weekend, and I will be back to my “normal” craziness. I need to start a Commonplace Book.


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