The 2022 Daily Writing Challenge – February 9

2022 Daily Writing Challenge Winter
2022 Daily Writing Challenge

Most of my writing happens in my newly converted office. My desk is an old oak dining/library table I’ve positioned across from a large window. A bird feeder, which attacks a stunning array of wildlife, dominates my view outside, while the occasional sighting of a neighborhood walker, runner, or an aimless rambler punctuates the background. There are also trees and the allure of the ever-changing weather. I enjoy the moments when I look up from my work to discover the inspiration that eluded me when I concentrated on my screen lying outside.

Lately, I began craving a change of venue. Long gone are the days when we could pop into our favorite coffee shop, hoping for a 15-minute binge, only to end up spending hours with torrents of words streaming from our fingers. I miss those forays that never failed to boost my word count.

So, I started looking for options. Who knew there was a particular spot in my kitchen that allowed me to refill my cup of Joe without leaving my seat? I also discovered a comfortable chair with a warm throw and good lighting that is perfect for dreaming up sticky situations for my main character to overcome. A forgotten and secluded corner became a welcome solution when I needed a few moments of solitude to record my latest epiphany. These overlooked sites provide a breath of fresh air.

Where are your favorite writing spaces?

Did you write yesterday? Are you writing today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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