The 2022 Daily Writing Challenge – March 8

2022 Daily Writing Challenge Spring
2022 Daily Writing Challenge Spring

My desk is a mess. I thrive in a well-organized, clean, and sparse environment, and the chaos is driving me crazy. The madness is unacceptable, and I need to end it now. Of course, I turned to my friend Google and asked for suggestions on workspace optimization. Google did not disappoint. I stumbled upon a YouTube video from The Huberman Lab Podcast. The host, Dr. Andrew Huberman, is a professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine, and his podcast focuses on science-backed strategies for improving different aspects of the human experience.

The description for this podcast entitled “Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity” states:

“This episode covers quality peer-reviewed findings practical tools anyone can use, regardless of budget, in order to optimize their workspace to achieve heightened levels of productivity, increased alertness and focus, and creativity.”

The title alone got my undivided attention. After watching the content, not only am I implementing some of the suggestions, but I’ve also added a couple more episodes to my “Must-Watch” list.

Take a look and let me know what you think. FYI the actual content begins after the sponsor section at timestamp 7:58.

Did you write yesterday? Are you writing today?


Keep on writing.

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