The 2022 Daily Writing Challenge – March 13

2022 Daily Writing Challenge Spring
2022 Daily Writing Challenge Spring

I object.

Even though I know they have overruled my objection, I object. No, I strenuously object. Today is the start of Daylight Saving Time, and I want no part of it.

Today our clocks decided to “spring forward” an hour at 2 a.m., which means we got one less hour of sleep. A proposal in Congress called the Sunshine Protection Act would end the madness. The bill would make Daylight Saving Time the official time year-round. Senator Marco Rubio introduced the bill on March 06, 2019, and it doesn’t look like it will pass anytime soon.

I refuse to relinquish my precious hour of sleep, so I intend to complete my daily writing session and then head back to bed.

Did you write yesterday? Are you writing today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

12 thoughts on “The 2022 Daily Writing Challenge – March 13

  1. Does that make you a rebel? 🙂 Personally, I like DST but I don’t like changing times every 6 months. I would love them to say “Okay, that’s it – what it is is what it is!” The time we have now is the one we will have to live with – no more changes. But, alas, I too fear that come November we will be changing it back. YUK! And oh, in case you are interested – yes – I did write some yesterday.

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    • I’m not sure if I’m a rebel, or just tired. Like you, I don’t care which time they pick, so long as we can stop flopping about.
      Of course I am interested, and I am thrilled you found time to write yesterday. Bravo. Well done.


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