Apollo Smintheus — FFfPP

Title: Apollo Smintheus
Word count: 200 words

Eudora shifted the heavy basket from one hand to the other as she paused to adjust the strap of her sandal. She wasn’t far from the temple and was anxious to be finished with the task. The thought of what she had to do repulsed her. But if it saved her mother, it would be a small price to pay.

In the temple, the giant statue of Apollo towered over her. It wasn’t Apollo who made her tremble. The ground beneath the statue, pulsated with the movement of hundreds of mice. She hated mice. Taking a deep breath, she set the basket on the alter and began to prepare the offering.

Eudora placed the thigh bone of the family’s cow in the center of the alter. Repeating the words of the healer, she anointed it with wine and set it on fire. As mice marched across her feet and pulled at the hem of her gown, she wished she could run from the temple. Chanting and praying, she tended the fire, until only the charred thigh bone remained.

“Please live,” Eudora pleaded.

The mice retreated to their burrows as the last tendril of smoke circled towards the heavens. Apollo smiled.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Apollo Smintheus — FFfPP

  1. i could not have seen it better than this Jo! it reminded me of a temple in India where the mice are allowed to roam free as part of worship to the deity, forget the name but I know its in the south of India. just like that hundreds of mice all over. stunning story line – showing the full power of the gods in such few words. Its writing like this that I admire so much. keep on writing!


  2. I really like this story, Jo, and you’ve written it so well. The use of Apollo’s full name is very effective as a title and – for anyone who is freaked out by mice – you really bring out the ‘horror’ of the moving, pulsating temple floor. Lovely mystical happenings at the altar (sp) too. Well written. 🙂


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