Can’t Go Home – 100WW

Image Credit: Frank Jansen

Image Credit: Frank Jansen

Title: Can’t Go Home
Source: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 8
Word count: 100 words

It felt like he had never left. It felt vaguely foreign too, like a dream not quite remembered. He did remember riding his bike around town, his camera bouncing against his hip as he pedaled. He and the Pentax had been inseparable. Every penny of his allowance or the odd job he got, he used to feed the camera a steady diet of film and then to processed the film into photographs.

The place advertising one hour developing had long since gone out of business. But his photos remained. They helped to reminded him of the pieces he had forgotten.


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13 thoughts on “Can’t Go Home – 100WW

  1. Tangible images recreate memories shared from yesterday or long ago – they help us see our similarities and how much alike we all are. Love this story — really beautifully wonderful ❤


      • You are so welcome 😊 I have actually been purging pictures…Of the tens of thousands of printed images (many from my photography pre-digital era), I’m keeping only the great ones — as in unblurred, of family, and ditching old (particularly not happy) memories. I print pictures and we have family pictures developed and hung on the walls — it’s one of my things😉 So happy you joined us!


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  3. Cleverly written. A fellow blogger – who has a photography blog – only remarked to me last week that photographs are memories. You made that point really well. 🙂


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