Death Sentence — FFfPP

Title: Death Sentence
Word count: 200 words

It started out as nothing. A small lump, nothing. She almost didn’t mention it to the doctor, and he almost dismissed it out of hand. His nurse encouraged him to perform the biopsy, just to be sure. She hadn’t worried, almost forgot about it until he called with the results.

During that call, nothing transformed itself into total devastation. He informed her he had forwarded her file to an expert in the field. The expert was waiting for her call whenever was convenient for her in the next day or two.

As requested she scheduled the exam and more tests. The verdict remained unchanged. Three to six months before she would die. She thought it incomprehensible how nothing altered her life, her dreams. They could treat it aggressively with chemo and radiation and side effects that might kill her. The treatment might extend her life by a few months. The other option was to do nothing. Her decision.

She examined herself in the mirror, seeing more than her reflection and knew this was not how her story ended.

Months later, the experts declared the treatment a complete success, others called her a miracle.

She called it the will to live.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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