The Bequest — FFfAW

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Mike Vore. Thank you Mike for our photo prompt!

Title: The Bequest
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of March 7, 2017
Word count: 170 words

Harper read the will multiple times, but one bequest still confused her. Alzheimer’s took Mother, but the will was written when she was still lucid, just after Dad past away. There hadn’t been a will when Dad died, but Mother demanded she have one.

Named the executor, Harper found most of Mother’s wishes easy to honor, some even mundane. Still she left one task undone. The attorney finally insisted she finish so the case could be closed.

As Mother wished, the brand new grand piano was delivered to Harper’s house. She placed it in a rarely used room, where it wouldn’t make her wonder.

Months later Aunt Martha came to visit and asked about the piano. Harper told her the story, confessing her bewilderment. Martha hugged her and explained.

“As a little girl, you begged for piano lessons. They couldn’t afford the piano or the lessons. Your mother always regretted it. You don’t remember?”

When Martha left, the piano was moved to the living room and at last Harper understood.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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