Broken Legacy – FFfPP

Title: Broken Legacy
Word count: 200 words

Marcus scooted another wooden crate out from under the workbench. He stood hefting the box to the top of the workbench’s well-worn surface and sorted its contents into three piles. The first and smallest pile held the handful of tools good enough for him to use as they were. A second, slightly larger pile contained tools he thought he could salvage. The third and largest pile was a mound of tools too rusted, pitted or broken from lack of care and improper storage to be of use to anyone.

He sighed as he surveyed the carnage. His never knew his grandfather, and it saddened Marcus. Grandpa had been a skilled and talented woodworker, his pieces scattered among the family. Why didn’t Grandma share this locked section of the basement with him? She had never shown him his workspace, not even when Marcus opened his own shop. Standing in the dank basement surrounded by his tools, Marcus met his grandfather. He didn’t understand why she would lock them away, letting them disintegrate in layers of rust and dust in a musty dungeon.

If he had known about his grandfather’s tools sooner, he might have saved them. It was such a waste.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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