The Match Up – FFfPP

Title: The Match Up
Word count: 200 words

They met after dark every Friday night at the abandoned warehouse. The road running past it was straight as an arrow, farmland to the north and a swampy creek on the south. The warehouse was too far from town. Even the cops didn’t come. It was only the crew.

It was like most other nights, except tonight the fog rose from the swamp and rolled across the road, threatening to engulf the lot. The first cars arrived. Jimmy slipped past the chained door that hung on bent hinges. Inside he flipped a switch and lights bathed the lot in an eerie glow. Everyone knew the drill, and they filled the slots.

Heads tuned when a late comer rolled in, fog oozing after him, boiling up and over the car as he slid from behind the wheel. The hooded stranger leaned against his bumper not uttering a word.

“Wanna race?” someone from the crew called.

The stranger nodded. They lined up, engines revved, Ginny dropped the flag. Tires squealed, and they vanished into the fog racing for the finish line. Eyes straining into the dark, a brilliant flash blinded them before the concussion of the crash knocked them to the ground.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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