Commemoration — FFfPP

Title: Commemoration
Word count: 200 words

The clock ticked in Sakura’s office. It echoed down the hall and through the empty stacks. She loved the library. As a little girl, she fell in love with the books and she never wanted to leave. It was why she had become a librarian. She knew every inch, all the library’s secrets, and she wanted to share them with everyone. Each year she helped the students with Mr. Ayer’s final writing assignment. Sakura found joy in locating the perfect book for each reader. Everything had changed, everything and everyone except Sakura. She kept current with technology so she could continue to help her patrons, but it wasn’t enough. The books remained, but the library was empty. It broke Sakura’s heart. The people had forgotten the joy in her library.

People from the town and from years ago and miles away attended her funeral. They each told a special story about Sakura. Their beloved librarian, who taught them so much had slipped away, they would not lose her library too. They buried her ashes in the courtyard under the window of her office. They planted a cherry tree to mark the spot and to remind them of the real treasure.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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