Dare to Be Different – 100WW

Title: Dare to be Different
Source: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 18
Word count: 100 words

Image Credit: Felix Russel;-Saw

People judged her. She didn’t remember a time when they saw her and not her disfigurement. As a child, she could not escape the condemnation in their eyes. Her family thought they were protecting her when they hid her away. The doctors, convinced they could fix her, made her suffer through surgery after surgery. She hoped and prayed they would make her look like the photos in the magazines. Each time they failed and each time she grew stronger and came to accept who she was. Instead, she celebrated her differences, put them on display. She would never hide again.


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Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Dare to Be Different – 100WW

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  2. Its one of the great challenges in life accepting who we are either because of our physical shape or the state of our minds. I very much enjoyed your take on the image Jo, well done.


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