Never Again – FFfPP 2018 Week 23

Title: Never Again
Word count: 200 words

Jack Gittoes pexels-photo-761543 Concert

Neil stood in total darkness, surrounded by strangers. The crowd swayed with the drumbeat; it pulsed through his chest and radiated out to his extremities.  Heat competed with contrasting aromas emanating from the throng. It assaulted his senses leaving him overwhelmed.

A brilliant flash of light accompanied the crash of a cymbal before the venue plunged into shadows again. The glare echoed across his vision and Neil blinked. He no sooner regained his bearings in the gloom than the cymbal clashed, and the accompanying light blinded him once again. The intervals between the blasts shortened until it synchronized with the drumbeat.

The sight of the band emerging on stage pushed a deafening roar from the crowd overpowering the beat of the drum and the clash of the cymbal. Neil clapped his hands over his ears and turned searching for a way out.  He bounced against people fighting his way towards the green light and the door beneath it. Neil crashed through as music rushing from the stage propelled him forward. The door shuttered shut; he gasped and sputtered, falling to the floor in a heap.

Later in the safety of his car he deleted the band’s music from his phone.


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