Big Trouble — FFfAW 169

Title: Big Trouble
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of 06-12 through 06-18-2018
Word count: 160 words

Thank you Wildverbs for our photo prompt this week!

Big Trouble

Mia scrunched her nose and glanced over at Liam the troublemaker.

Every few weeks mother brought them here and told Mia to watch Liam. They would get ice cream when she returned.

Mia reminded Liam about the ice cream often, but sometimes it didn’t matter. One time she chased him around the bench. Another time he raced along the sidewalk turning to stick his tongue out at her. Each time she wrestled him back to the bench.

Today Liam sat still. Mia’s sigh of relief was Liam’s cue to wiggle and squirm his way toward the edge of the bench. She flung her arms around him as he struggled to escape.

Mia heard laughter and mother’s voice.

“You two are so cute.”

Mia let go and Liam jumped to his feet, raced towards the fountain and a second later he was knee deep in the water.

“Oh Liam, this baby better be like your sister.” Mother sighed waddling after him.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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