When She’s Gone – FFfPP Week #25

Title: When She’s Gone
Word count: 200 words

Kai Pilger pixels-photo-462867 Taxi

It took Andrés months to get over her. They met at a charity event and talked the night away before finding a café for breakfast. She captivated him. Over the next year, they met whenever they could manage. Texts and emails and countless late-night phone calls filled the spaces in-between when they planned their perfect life.

One evening Andrés asked her to move in with him. She sat for long minutes before she whispered, “No,” and she gathered her things and left. Too late he realized this was not a girl who just lived with you. This was the girl for whom you got down on one knee.

He had been that guy. Drunken calls in the middle of the night after hooking up with nameless girls from forgettable bars. At first, she talked to him. Then his calls went to voicemail, and he begged her to come back. His texts and emails remained unanswered.

The years passed, and he sometimes saw her on the street or in a cab. He had moved on and work filled his days. Happy now he walked the city streets.  A big yellow taxi rushed by and he turned, hoping to glimpse her face.


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Jo Hawk The Writer