Top of the World — FFfAW 171

Title:  Top of the World
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Word count: 300 words

*** Ok, truth. This story is over the limit, but I couldn’t help it. It wrote itself and I didn’t have the heart to cut a story the muse handed to me. I hope you agree.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan!

Edmund hung his head, his shoulders slumped, and his arms dangled, flopping at his side. He scuffed his feet sending stones bouncing along the trail.

“You ok, Edmund?”

Edmund snapped to attention spinning to face his father, a huge grin plastered across his face.

“Yeah. It’s just taking so long. How soon before we get there?”

“What does your altimeter say?”

Edmund studied his wrist, “Four thousand and thirty-nine feet.”

“And where is that on your map?”

Edmund pulled the map from his pocket. With his father’s guidance, he determined they were a mile from the summit. Stuffing the map back in his pocket, they continued along the trail. Thirty minutes later Edmund saw something flapping at the crest of the trail and ran. His father’s shout of “don’t run,” didn’t change his pace, and he was at the summit before coming to a full stop.

“Woo-hoo, we made it,” Edmund shouted jumping up and down at least a dozen times. He ran to the flagpole and planted a kissed the metal pipe. People at the summit smiled at the young boy’s expression of joy.

“Dad! Isn’t this great?”

“Sure is. Remember, we still have to climb down.”

“I know, but can’t we stay for a while? Look at it,” Edmund flung his arms wide and spun in a circle. He stopped face to face with his father. On an impulse, Edmund flung his arms around his waist squeezing as hard as he could.

“Thanks, Dad,” Edmund breathed into the soft flannel of his father’s shirt, before letting go to stand next to him. He didn’t notice his father’s huge smile or his hand brushing at moist eyes.

Father and son stood in silence surveying the view.

“So, still think you want to climb Everest someday?”

Edmund grinned and nodded.


Keep on writing.

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