The Angler — 100 Word Wednesday

Title: The Angler
Source:  100 Word Wednesday: Week 89
Word count: 100 words


Image by Bikurgurl

Fisk’s head protruded from his hiding spot. Nothing caught his attention, so he ducked back inside, but he kept a watchful eye looking outward. He wiggled and shifted in the tight confines. He spent most of his time waiting, waiting and watching. Fisk blinked, opened his mouth wide and snapped it closed. A flash of yellow caught his attention, a damselfish, just out of striking distance. His nose detected a familiar scent, a crab was scuttling his way. He waited until the right moment, then lunged, clamping his powerful jaws around his victim. Crab was the Fisk Moray’s favorite meal.

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Jo Hawk The Writer