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I ran across this cartoon and laughed. How many times have I changed a character’s name or the gender as I write? I know and then it changes.  While not this drastic, my WIP needs an additional character and a dog.

Do you change up your character’s names, genders, delete them altogether, before you type “The End”?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Hi Jo hawk –
    I am new to fiction and so really cannot relate to the comic – but I get it! And I saw a move earlier this year – think it was “the man who made Christmas” and it was a well done take on what dickens might have experienced while writing a Christmas Carol –
    Well done in the cinematography and some writing – nkt well
    Done in connectcinf to dickens goals for the fiction – which I believe had a lot to do with wellness, laughter as the best (or one of ) parts of life! And the movie writers completely left out the nephew – omg – the laughing joyful nephew –
    There were other flaws but it had a decent budget and had pros
    The reason I thought of it was also because the chatceters would visit the writer – it was cool
    He’d close his door and they’d be there
    And your comic reminded me of this

    As a new fiction writer (only shiort pieces – longest is 500 words
    – I have individual characters and only a few –
    But have an entitled woman in development and then a car enthusiast dude – hmm

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  2. I have changed names then get worried I’ve missed replacing a reference in the text. I’ve seen it in other people’s stories, I’m reading Steven this, and Steven that, then suddenly it’s Sean and I think who’s this Sean?
    Now if I’m not sure, I put in X, Y, Z – hoping they’re easier to spot.

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