Not the Point — 100 Word Wednesday

Title: Not the Point
Source:  100 Word Wednesday: Week 93
Word count: 100 words

Photo by Jenni Jones

James had a plan to prove his point.

“It’s so stupid. It means nothing. They get all ‘wow this is deep’ over nothing,” he said.

He registered for the school talent show and began his work. He recruited Leslie the head cheerleader as one of his props. James assured her the only requirement was to sit in a chair wearing a mask. No words to memorize, no singing, nothing. She agreed when he promised to pay her.

His talent show skit went as he planned. The audience sat in stunned silence. They took James for an evaluation the next day.


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  1. very very good twist! i have read that first present your manuscript to a psychiatrist unless you want the world to know the real you! i love this one very much, i feel a story coming out of me too!

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