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This quote conjured images of old Jack traipsing across a field with a shotgun nestled in the crook of one arm and a switch in his other hand. He whistles to a pair of good bird dogs as they beat the bushes in search of inspiration.

After successfully capturing a little inspiration they head back to the cabin for a celebratory drink and session of typewriter pounding that lasts into the wee hours of the night.

Where do you look for inspiration?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Write

11 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. the best inspiration comes when I am out running or walking the dog, just communing with nature, no electronics besides music. but if i had to look for inspiration then it would be from the books I have read.

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      • i think it is more the stories that inspire me, and some authors just have such lyrical prose that I am so drawn to, that sparks the emotions in me and from there a story or piece of poetry comes, it is seldom that i write from real life experience and when i do then its from my interactions with my patients. there is a beautiful love story between a patient and their caregiver, i am blessed to witness real human care and love in darkest times. those inspire my love poetry a lot and all the other stories too. i am so glad you can get so much out of books, i strongly believe that you have to read to write.

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      • it is a love for words that is so hard to resist right! and i find blogging is great because of these conversations about books and writing that also inspire me. thank you for taking the time to read and also respond.

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  2. I have loved this quote ever since reading it a number of years ago!! Thanks so much for posting this and your great prose and imaginings!!! Yes, sometimes you have to go out with a club looking for inspiration or to just have it when you do encounter it. I love the hunting analogy! It reminds me of my – THE RELUCTANT POET. If I’m forced to hunt I like to search quotes and photos. They tend to inspire me the most, but I’m always on the lookout for words and phrase that stop me in my tracks. That happened to me yesterday while reading Christy B’s – Embrace Your Magnificence. I read the words “a different path” and it immediately conjured up Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” and that we would not be who we are or with who we are with, were it not for the path that we have taken instead of different ones! Sometimes when I’m reading a word or phrase will stare me in the face like stumbling into an encounter with a bear that turns into a stare down – hey you’ve got to write something down when that happens?!! Ha!

    Super post, My Dear!!!!

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    • I will have to look up the stories/poems you reference. I read London at a very early age and I have adored Frost as long as I can remember. “The Road Not Taken” is part of my DNA.

      I think the universe conspires with my muse to club me over the head from time to time. I will get a nibble of something and I push it to the side. Then references to that idea keep appearing until I acquiesce and write. I am learning not to fight the first occurrence, it is way easier.

      I am so glad this quote resonated with you, I enjoy our exchanges. ❤💙💜💛💚

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      • Ha! I always try and give my Muse top priority so she makes more frequent visits! LOL! Yes, Frost has been my favorite poet since high school, until recently when I found a new one!! I love your quotes and our exchanges too!!!

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