Twins — FFfPP

Title: Twins
Word count: 200 words

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Henrietta Hen was a good layer, with a good temperament and laid double-yolk eggs. We placed thirty eggs in the incubator, selected from the best hens on the farm. We marked each one with the hen’s name and collection date.  Candling the eggs, we checked for life. One of Henrietta’s eggs excited me and raised concerns.

This special egg held two embryos.  Our hatch rate in the incubator ran between eighty and ninety percent so we expected a loss. But I determined the twins would survive. I tweaked the temperature, obsessed over the optimal humidity level and checked conditions every hour on the hour, day and night. I counted days and held my breath.

Chirping sounds emanated from the egg on day nineteen. Straining, I identified two distinct voices, they had almost made it. The next day cracks appeared in the shell. I could barely contain my excitement as the shell broke away piece by piece. Tiny feet stretched and kicked through the membrane revealing the two tiny creatures.

My wife hung over my shoulder, watching them.

“Are you gonna name them?”

I looked at her and smiled like any proud papa.

“My dear, let me introduce Sugarfoot and Tenderfoot.”


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