School Day Dreams — FFfAW Challenge

Title: School Day Dreams
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Word count: 170 words


This week’s photo prompt is provided by wildverbs. Thank you wildverbs!

The entirety of his life led him to today. The first day of construction left Tony wondering if it was still a dream.

He remembered sitting in the drafty, dark boxes they called classrooms at Central School. Built in 1916, the building needed more than updates. The dark gymnasium doubled as the school cafeteria. It oozed an odd combination of teenage sweat, warmed mystery meat, and spinach. Eight years there drove him to study architecture and how students learned.

Tony’s vision was a 126,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art complex that would accommodate students from pre-kindergarten programs through eighth grade. He envisioned a bright and airy building. His design integrated solar panels into the architecture to provide electrical power and a passive heat exchanger to provide indoor thermal comfort while minimizing or eliminating energy consumption.

It took fourteen months to raise the money and get approvals. Now, the $31.3 million building of his was almost a reality. He projected eighteen months of construction and the new school would open in time for fall classes.


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  1. Dream is becoming a reality. Who doesn’t love a roomy, airy, naturally well lit building? Such a change from damp, drafty, dark prison camps called schools.

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