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The spectacular Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse on Sunday got me thinking. While I endured the cold to watch the effects of the earth’s shadow on the moon, I realized the earth was experiencing something I could not see. Situated between the sun and the moon forces were acting on my home planet. I marveled at the opposing energies on the spinning earth. Pulled by gravity in her orbit around the sun, she also holds the moon within her own gravitational field. Everything works together to maintain the precious balance.

Gravity is a relentless force. It is what whisks the rollercoaster from dizzying heights and thrills us in our downward rush. Climbing to the height required for the thrill is a more arduous task. The cars click and clack as the cables pull the coaster ever higher. If you enjoy rollercoasters you don’t lament the slow steady rise. You relish the journey, anticipate the approach to the apex, and rejoice in the moments you teeter at the top.

Are you celebrating your gravity-defying ascent?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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