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Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf when she gives such great advice? I am relieved to discover I need only money and my own room. I have recently undertaken a remodeling project, re-purposing a loft area to create my glorious writing loft. When completed, the loft will hold two floor-to-ceiling bookcases with my books, an oak library table, a printer,  my favorite laptop and it will have a beautiful view.  It is a slow process. I find I am arguing with myself, debating the relative merits of writing versus working on the writing space. Lately, writing is winning.

Truthfully, I am happy writing anywhere the words flow. It is a delicious and decadent feeling, having a dedicated writing room. Now to work on the money.

Do you have a dedicated writing space?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

14 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. your space sounds so cosy. I write where i find quite time, contemplating a writers retreat for myself in a cabin in the woods next. quiet is important to me, i don’t need the aesthetics just the solitude. i wish you well on your writing and writing space my friend

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  2. Ha! Wow! I never thought of that! What a great idea, as long as they don’t lock the door! LOL!
    Loved your post and sort of jealous of your new loft! Not sure how the wife would feel about that! Ha.
    Right now I’ve been pretty happy with my recliner as my writing spot. Preferably late at night or in the early morning when it’s quiet and dark in the room.

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  3. I love the sound of your future writing space! I do have my own room, I call it my writing study. It has a view of the conservation land behind our house, and it has a door I can close. Not that the closed door deters anyone from bursting in with their latest school drama or hunger pangs, but it’s a nice touch.

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