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Wanting things is easy. But wants come at a price. Often, we do not consider the total price, a price not solely marked in dollars and cents. We pay a price with the items we put aside or choose not to pursue. There is a cost in time and effort we expend in the pursuit of our wants.

As writers, we exchange time with friends and family, for time scrawling words across a blank page. We forego a tidy home for a perfectly crafted story. Our dinner is snack food while we fill plot holes with sumptuous morsels. When we consider the exchange, the total price, the importance of setting priorities becomes clear. Contemplating total costs makes the work easier to plan and strengthens our resolve to follow through with our intentions.

What are you willing to exchange?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. i cant do untidy house its like an untidy mind, i will batch cook in advance so always have meals on hand. i note that if i don not have balance in my life the writing does not flow. however recently the writing has been very productive and intense, I am seriously considering a writer’s retreat.

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