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Is it strange I like spider webs? I am none too fond of spiders themselves, but the webs they create are often spectacular.  Add misty morning dew reflecting the first gentle rays of sunlight and you have something straight from a fairy tale. They are like snowflakes, perfect, pristine and beautiful. If you are foolhardy and attempt to touch them, hold them, they dissolve as if they were a figment of the imagination.

I love Virginia’s perspective and the idea that fiction must have even a tenuous connection to reality. Fiction, at its best, approaches perfection, pristine stories, expressed with beautiful words. They are true figments, with each reader conjuring a version, shaped and colored by the totality of the reader’s personal experiences. The reader creates a rendition of the story that is unique.

How do you attach your stories to reality?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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